Branchenbuch Hamburg

Gitarren Lehrer Hamburg auf Englische  

Straße / Nr.: St. Benedictstr. 33
PLZ / Ort: 20149 HAMBURG
Stadtteil: Harvestehude
Telefon: 040 42300171


My name is James, I'm a guitar teacher based in Hamburg (Germany) and I have been touring and recording across Europe professionally for about ten years.

Once we've covered the basics, my main aim is catering lessons to whatever it is you want to learn - I teach students of all ages, from mature students that enjoy learning how to play their favorite songs, to children whose parents want them to have fun with music whilst learning.

I teach in Native English and cover most styles of Popular music (Pop / Rock / Folk / Soul / Jazz / Blues).

The first trial lesson is free of charge, and then it's €20 per 30 minute lesson. I can also record lessons (video or audio) if you'd like to take footage home to practice further.

Feel free to drop me an email:

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