Branchenbuch Hamburg

Anja Meta Meyer Production Designer  

Straße / Nr.: Juliusstraße 22
PLZ / Ort: 22769 HAMBURG
Telefon: +49 171 1226908


"Everything you
can imagine can
be done."
Meta Meyer's professional career starts with education as a photographer in Bremen, followed by studies for communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Further educations are coach for business & personal leadership at five4succsess as well as home stager and interior redesigner at DGHR. Since 2000 to 2008 Meta has been working as a production designer in Barcelona and than moved her base back to Hamburg. Meta loves to explore the world while traveling, discovering different solutions for the same challenge. Her personal mantra is to always keep moving through sporting and mental activities challenges, for example when she makes her accordion sound, reads books or just dives. Everything you can imagine can be done.

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Production Design